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We maintain a team of highly experienced designers and digital strategists. Feel free to contact any of our senior team members with any questions you might have specific to their expertise.


Tom Klaassen

Founder / UX Director

Curious, great listener, autodidact. Combines more than 14 years of experience in designing high end digital products with masters in Communication Design and Marketing Management.

Tom has the ability to quickly acclimatize to new branches and business cases. Feels right at home conducting research within various fields and loves converting end user insights to innovative and successful digital solutions.

LinkedIn | +31 6 25 48 65 72

Wietse Klomp

Founder / Creative Director

Creative optimist at heart. As concept thinker Wietse gives meaning to company visions by linking them to the right customer emotions, problems and needs. He makes sure your products are marketed in the right way to the right customer.

LinkedIn | +31 6 46 47 67 28

Alfredo Monaldi

Digital Designer

Imaginative and sensitive. Deeply in love with digital design, interactivity and technology, Alfredo's brain is constantly flooded by ideas and concepts to deploy for projects. He loves to work both with 2D and 3D medias, sometimes even mixing them, to make sure your visuals are unique and suited for you.

LinkedIn | +31 6 33 48 05 33 | Dribble | Instagram

Sanne Peters

Senior Front-end Architect

Connects design to development in the broadest sense of the word, through the means of methods and systems of communication, like Design Ops.

Translates raw data into joyful and thought provdata visualisations and also experiments with generative design and UI animation.

LinkedIn | Twitter

Simon Trevaskis

Product Director

Simon has over 20 years of experience designing and developing digital products for leading enterprise and the startup community. Masters in Electronic Commerce and a Degree in Business Communications (Marketing Advertising). Has a passion for experimenting and creating new things that don’t exist until now.


Flore van den Berg

HR, Finance & Project Support Officer

Psychologist by trade. Supporting in the area of financial, personnel and organizational issues.

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