The design sprint

Answer critical business questions in just five days by designing, prototyping and testing ideas with real customers.

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Got a business challenge?
Let’s sprint to the solution!

If you have a specific business challenge that needs a solution we can help in different ways. Using a Design Sprint is one of them. Why a Design Sprint? We love it because this methodology aims to put the business, technology, and most important; the user, in the centre of attention. At Bankai we use the methodology of Design Sprints to answer critical business questions together with our clients. The Design Sprint is structured in a way that we are able to co-create a working prototype and validate its success, with your end-users, in only five days. It’s called a Sprint for a reason, so get out your running shoes.

In general the process combines five stages over a period of five days

As a team we use the Design sprint stages to make sure we bring, well thought out and validated, solutions to your business challenge. Each stage in the method includes practices of a complete UX process such as user research, user interviews, prototyping and user testing.

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